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  • Is Server Down?

    After refresh game, i can't get in.

    IGN : Evoz
    Server : S12 Loralei's Bloom

    Click image for larger version

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    Same problem UA2/S12

    IGN Solestra


    • #3
      Same here every thime i try to log in white screen losing tycoon point maken times done missed quizz and wrym race thats alot of points not to menton the Djinni shop idems were missing


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        same here can't log in UA2/S12

        IGN TinaC


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          This is geting rather annoying Im losing tons of tycoon points and ive got darics to spend but cant log in they better give a good Comp for this **** this is another Epicfail Of GT and there not even addressing the issues not one Mod has responed to any of this my dont they want our cash but dont want to do there Jobs


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            guys I am telling you I need to achieve 60k tycoon points and i am going to be to at this point because i already had to lose a day due to family being in town. Now with this achieving enough points in tycoon is just out of the question unless i spend money i do not have to spend. Seriously could you fix it soon.