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Please fix the Server 138 and 140 merged into

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  • ScoobySnakz
    started a topic Please fix the Server 138 and 140 merged into

    Please fix the Server 138 and 140 merged into

    We are just having problems since servers 138 and 140 were merged. Players are having their own heroes attacking their own teams or not attacking anybody at all, one player being able to enter the Domination Tournament on both brackets double dipping on prizes, and server locking up for long periods of time. These are just a few problems I have experienced or have been made aware of. Please help us out.

  • Runesteel
    These errors are causing game play to be to say the least impossible to enjoy. Lets not forget everyone on server had to remove 100 lvl gear and re equipe to get it to work. We went from 10 turns each in world boss to 1 turn each. The lag is so bad some never get a turn , world boss kick's you out saying event is finished yet it just started. We have reported this already , quietly in bug reports and other petitions. Time to earn your money these casher's are paying you !
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