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aegis skills not working

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  • aegis skills not working

    while in spire ive noticed that virgo aegis does not work at its correct % .. mine is at 40% success rate....and here is a video to show u how often it is used ... well not used...

    IGN Hades S70 sacred elementalist.

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    If im not mistaken the attack of the angel need to hit to apply virgo aegis


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      not too sure about that.. because in TA even if people dodge ur angel.. it still works just fine... its only spire and zodiac nightmare it does this problem..


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        also if that is the case . that the angel has to successfully attack to have the skill work.. then why do angels have such low HIT RATE ....... lvl 8 evolve mikaela .......5300 hit rate...... my main char has almost 3x that.... i think something needs to change.... maybe add a real hit rate to them.. or actually make the skills do what they say they do... 40% chance is not 40% when the angel has to hit them for it to work... when they got 13-20k dodge.... and the angel has 5k hit rate.....


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          considering #2 said virgo needs to hit to proc, other skills work fine?


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            i dont believe aegis skills and whether the angel hits is related at all since the aegis skills activate before the actual angel attack. But i do have to agree that it seems like 40 percent is really 4 percent sometimes, especially in spire and zodiak for other aegis skills also.