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My angel fortuna

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  • My angel fortuna

    i play on majestic rampart, league of angels, my fortuna angel has not been battling in team arena 4 3days now, on all 10 attempt,

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    why you post in Monkey king?


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      Unfortunately, this is the Monkey King Online Forums we can not help you. I will ask a mod to please move this thread to the appropriate forums. Hope your issue gets resolved.
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        thank you so much, am a little new to the forum, i have played the game since they open but never come on to the forum, please help me move my complain to league of angels, i will really appreciate it ,thank you once again for your assistance


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          Sorry for the delay, moving thread now.
          Moderators are not R2 employees. We are volunteer players that enjoy helping our fellow gamers enjoy the game as much as playing the game itself.
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            You'll need to add a screenshot if u want anyone to take u seriously, and an IGN.
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              What do you mean by not battle? Not in formation or not using skills?

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                pls i really need help. for the past few weeks my FORTUNA ANGEL, is not battling in all 10 team areana, on league of angels, and i dont know what else to do, i have cleared cookies from my brower do other stuff to ansure its not my computer or my fault, an yet still the same, she diesnt even move in battles in team areana, and even the team members noticed all the time and asked if i have complained about it, please help me,


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                  This isn't my angel, but I took a screenshot anyway to show what people are meaning when they say fortuna isn't working during ta.

                  Name: Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 16.59.28.png
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                  Her rage stays at 0/100 throughout the battle, when it comes to her turn she never attacks, it just says the name of her skill, or says ''such and such a zodiac Special Skill''. I hope this helps. This is a bug on fb, game321, r2, but i dont know abt gt, probably there too.
                  pls help, i play on server 'majestic rampart' league of angels, this problem is really anoying pls help