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Card event give me wrong hero

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  • Card event give me wrong hero

    Originally posted by r246572073
    hello gm
    you guy have to help me this time. Omg game is bug or some thing i spend $400 dollars so far to get my hero : Hercules crest. Last night when i spent like 300 us dollars to get enough cards to recruit hercules crest. And i hit him but game gave me 1 hero earthshaker crest? I did not knew why . I already have him at lvl 84 , i need hercules to evovle my earthshaker to hercules . Now server gave me wrong one. I really mad. Server gave me wrong hero that one i already have it. Please send my nick : Superlady79 right hero : Hercules crest that why i cna evovle my earthshare to hercules or i have to cancel all my payment and quit game. Because game really made me mad. Last time already hapeen and you guy did not help me at all. If this time you guy wont help i will promise take all my money back and quit this stupid game. Please understand i spend alot in this game already. But few time game mess up and gave me wrong reward. This is second time happen.

    Legua of angel
    server : S3
    nick : Superlady79

    please send me my hercules crest card in card event to my account as soon as possible dont take like last time forver and close case. Thank you very much

    Originally posted by r246572073
    please help me support team dont help nothing

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    You have to send in a ticket on this issue by clicking on my signature or go to and your screenshots aren't working...

    Happy Chinese New Year!