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  • Inher godless wolf

    Not sure is this bug or what but i cant inher godless wolf with earthshaker... Says this hero cant be inher because he is evolved... What now?

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    wow.. now I just knew that you can't inherit an evolved hero to a non-evolved one. I hope its a bug
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      i hope also... i spend to much time saving cards and to much diam on es...


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        i already inherit my G.wolf to LE and BOnes.... and its working fine dotn worry


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          It's something new I could inherit wolf around a week ago when i got ES but now if I try it says "this hero has been evolved cannot be inherited now"


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            same thing happen to me.... cant inher on es...


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              Originally posted by Marie548 View Post
              i already inherit my G.wolf to LE and BOnes.... and its working fine dotn worry
              Not sure when you last done it but you cannot inherit into or out of a evolved hero and I have been informed that it was deliberate. This sucks for someone like me who changes there team around a lot for testing etc.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Godless Inherit error.jpg
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                Damn, this is just ridiculous
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                  Not sure at the moment if this is a bug or intended, i'll see if i can find out some more information in regards to this.

                  ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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                    They answered : Hello namigusa,

                    Please be aware that, since Godless Wolf is an evolved hero, it can’t be inherited to another hero. This is a limitation set for all the evolved heroes in the last game update.

                    We hope to have answered your questions, please kindly let us know if you have other problems. Thanks for your understanding!

                    - The R2Games Team

                    So guys open your wallet... Wasted 6 months bulding claw and saving cards....