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New server 229 Highwall peaks Cross server broken

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  • New server 229 Highwall peaks Cross server broken

    just finished it and got this at the end of the battle Click image for larger version

Name:	broken cross server.png
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Size:	574.7 KB
ID:	1762032

  • #2
    This has been reported.

    ( just in case you missed them the first time )


    • #3
      still broken and no compansation 3 days and counting


      • #4
        sorry to bump this but on 229 after I hit level 55 I have been unable to get in cross server get 10 strait hours in que for last 4 days I think something is wrong if not think you should give me the 3 daily chests I was unable to recive

        also this was broken for 3 days when I originaly posted and there was no compensation given why ?


        • #5
          still cant get in cross server que till it times out then reque and times out over and over and over I mean come the hell on guys some the same level gets in and some don't im not the only 1 that is getting screwed here if you don't fix this bull **** im gona move to game that acualy works and spend my money there this server has been screwed cross server since day 1 and no compensation for any of it


          • #6
            The issue was reported already.
            We appreciate your patience.

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