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Adobe flash problems at IE and GM is refusing tohelp 22:24 cet

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  • Adobe flash problems at IE and GM is refusing tohelp 22:24 cet

    Server S227 Grey Plains
    IGN: Eregorn

    Hi all. I have huge porblems with the normal flash player which is updated and IE.
    It is often stopping loading at Cross Server war.If i enter my IE is crashing etc.
    I naver before had this expieriences.
    Now i did asked an GM (Ravana)
    And she is refusing to send this problem to the official adressor or to giving me hints how to fix this.
    I have ultra bad Expieriences with the Support at gtarcade and at the german R2. So i did refused to post here at first. Until i did seen that she wont act .She says she is there to help. She is refusing any hints/sugegstions how tofix this and also she reuses to report this problem or to pm me.
    So i did came tothe point where i did seen no other choiche as to use the forum where close and ignore is normal again.
    I also want to state that her GM service quality and knowledge is bader then bad.
    Why do you use our moneyplease to pay them?

    She also did stated something like she wont belive me without an screenshot.
    An screnshot of what? this will prove nothing. Incause it wont screen exact what is going on.

    Please take care of this 2 problems.
    I dont see the point why i pay so much for this kind of "GM" to.

    For further qeustions please reply.

    Or PM via forum PM.

    I am fed up now. Since GTArcade,german R2 and this GM is so bad that you want to leave this game before sticking 1 cent more into this useless pile of rocks.

    I could prove screenshots of this chat but it is only provoking me and making me looking bad incause i did dared to ask for an gm which is doing her/his job finaly.

    (best) greets:

    S227 Grey Plains.
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    If you are having flash issues, uninstall the latest version and reinstall it. You may also consider using a different browser like Firefox or IceDragon. Vet's cannot fix game related issues, they're there to answer questions about gameplay. You must provide a screen shots if we're going to forward the issues on to the techs.


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      Have you tried to change browsers? IE is not really a good IE ( atleast for me ).
      Can try and use other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.
      The CS bug is known, that's why she is asking for screen-shots, the dev's/gm's can't do/fix anything without a screen-shot of the problem, to be sure it really is there.

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        i do use chrome now. there are no problems.
        But thanks guys.

        /edit: at chrome some sponsors wont be working.

        I am still upset about this "gm" service. no pm and everything via global.
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          Update: the GM are still provoking me.
          Also making my name looking bad:
          New GM: VET Adze
          He did even called me an spamer


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            Ok. His final step was to mute me after i did wrote i quit.And i did so. I quited LOA junk!
            Incause all of Loa ia n pile of junk!
            This is the last pile of bullsh. "GM" what do they are thinking ?
            Do they even think?
            Why they are getting payed for troling me?

            7x Reported them both.

            So @all: please quit loa!
            They are scamming and unfriendly!
            Last edited by R261869549; 12-01-2014, 06:53 PM.


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              I have reviewed the logs. You are muted on the server for a reason, you are now banned in the forums. I suggest you read the Terms of Service and realize that not following them has repercussions.
              File a ticket
              for payment issues
              For issues with DragonPals send email to:

              R2 Game Rules click
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