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Please help me to get back the berserker claw

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  • Please help me to get back the berserker claw

    I have Berserker Claw, I gather ruby from event cards. it took quite a long time, and I've been clicking evolve. and I clicked recruit, and comes the dismiss notice . I do not know if I click on it my Berserker Claw would be sacrificed. it should be if we did not have enough shard, Berserker claw will not be lost. Game Master please help to restore my Berserker Claw, I'm just a beginner I play on a server 159 ivory crown , character names : mischievous

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    Human error Dev's cannot undo...that's what I have been told about. Did some mistakes too, but U cannot get back what U have Clicked Wrong. If it was server bug the dev's would solve he problem. In Your case, pay ataention next time.