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  • Runes stalled

    Can't seem to give my Hecate more runes. Except for the mail, which is at Rank 5 Lvl 2, all the others return the runestones. My Hec is lvl 79, my main is lvl 80.

    My main stopped taking runestones a long time ago, except for the weapon. I guessed that it is near a maximum. Am I right on this?Click image for larger version

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    You need all level 5-10 to further your upgrade with weapon available. also keep 5000 runestone for upgrade.


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      So what you are saying is that I will get a lot of return runestones until my mail gets to 5-10?


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        For the weapon to unlock, all your other runes need to be Rank 5 level 10.
        If all your 4 runes reached that rank and all that is left is armor, only your armor will consume runes, while the other ones will get a small amount of runes back.
        It takes luck/time to get the last rune up to the required rank but you don't lose the runes that are consumed on the other one, seeing you got rank max there already.

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