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NEW Blazing Arrow Skill Bug/Needs Wording Fixed

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  • NEW Blazing Arrow Skill Bug/Needs Wording Fixed

    the new skill blazing arrow needs to be fixed it says PATK on it an it should be ATK for both mage an warriors to use now this is a massive bug towards mages with this skill since mine hits 800k at lvl1 an a warrior around same br as me just with better patk then me cause im a mage hits for like 1.5m please fix this s16 ingame name hotdogClick image for larger version

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    It should be ATK - it's just an error in the description. Someone on GTArcade forums tested it and found skills take the ATK stat of your class (MATK for mages, PATK for warriors and archers).

    Not sure why the other guy hits so much harder than you, but it's not the ATK scaling.


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      hmmm I got 450k matk an only just hitting 800k damage with this skill to me that's a little low then what it should be hitting


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        450k MATK * 180% = 810k so...?

        My brain might be tired, though. I know TylerWin thinks this skill is bugged (check his thread in this forum) and doesn't ignore defense properly but I haven't gotten to the point where I can test it out myself, so I dunno.


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          another point brought up earlier depending on a circumstance in PvP is what is their resist toward the particular attacking class
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            kaitsuna ok then 810 it is then im only just hitting 800K im lucky to hit over 810 with the bonus 14k damage so you think you had smart comment but you didnt an this was in capricorn nightmare for my damage an its hitting more towards 790k to 800k total so it is lower then what it should be but guess alot of people who post in here saying what it should hit dont care unless it happens to them so i wont bother with this any more since im close to changing the skill anyways to a better one. o an my atk is 464k matk


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              Right now it's set for PATK, it's not a typo. Tested it with Fireball which has the same stats minus the 30% Crit. Does way less than fireball. Will post screenshots later.


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                thx for your post r260860849 I new I was right the damage with arrow is a lot less if your a mage an yes fire ball does a lot more damage then arrow for me also.


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                  Originally posted by TylerWin
                  IT DOES NOT LOWER DAMAGE! IT USES ATK! It just ignoing all the buffs you receive... damn... I explained this all yesterday in my bug report about this bug... you guys are ridiculous.
                  I Am under the belief it's only a wording issue, i am interested though in relation to the skill in dark abyss and the issues caused there.

                  ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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                    This skill definitely works properly as the description says. The issue I found with it is that it doesn't work in conjuction with any buffs (like tylerwin said)

                    Ex.) I use red fire totem and my damage using this skill with and without fire totem against spire lvl 14-6 mob is 551k damage no crit. As for my normal damage in this round with a regular skill that doesn't ignore defense I hit about 60k with some yeah, the ignore defense feature is working quite well

                    As for fire totems, they work with other skills but not this one. Are fire totems not compatible with def resisting skills or is this a glitch?


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