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totem 3.3 always stop and need to refresh

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  • totem 3.3 always stop and need to refresh

    hi there....

    guys any1 have this problem like mine, here is the prob any attempt on 3.3 totem doom sentry my screen just just stopped at the opening battle bellow (with log (on)) and I need to refresh it manually but when I get back to the game I win. using log(off) no prob and I still win. but if I toke off armor and do fight 3.3totem using log(off) no error but I lose. this problem only appear using log(on) and I win. isn't it strange? since in manual I still pass 3.3 and after 3.3 no prob even with log(on) mode. only 3.3 give me that error. and I though it was internet speed but I already had this error a few days so I had the chance to do some experiment.

    here the error screen
    Click image for larger version

Name:	bug totem.jpg
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    after refresh and passed some lv
    Click image for larger version

Name:	bug totem 1.jpg
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    ty guys for any information that can help me...

    oh and btw did any 1 also notice that leveling up(using angel tears) for viena is harder than any other high lv angel? (had 2 acc both have it and both have the same behavior). ty....
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    happened to me too for last 3-4 days .. the log screen got stuck at totem 3-3 .. but today it worked fine for me ..


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      If you lose it will always load, if it doesnt load you win, so something to be happy about. From my experiences the battles that have this loading issue so far are 3-3, 3-7, 3-8, 4-1, 4-2 and 4-4. Only ones Ive found personally so far, and its not every day either, some days there is no problem (which makes me think i lose at first since it loads lol)

      If the same answer is given for this as most other things, I guess we should blame it on either lag or not clearing our cookies/cache every day.


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        lucky u passed some levels... when I got this bug, it makes me fight 3.4 over and over til I lose on 4-6th tries and even winning it don't let me go to 3.5. While before this bug I can reach 3.9
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          Which server are you guys playing on? Because currently I have no problems loading totem 3-3

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            I played on s-205 ivory plains, and today still happens also like "tackleit1994" and "r23121670" says this bug only happen if we win. tried losing this 3-3 and no stuck happen.
            but like queenkunika says as long this bug let us pass this totem then i still be happy even need to refresh it all the time, hahahaha.................


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              update info seem for me that totem 3-7 and 3-10 also had the same problem. thank's
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                Ihave this problem too, and i think it happens when you have power close to this totem lvl. I have this issue only on healing lvls of totems 5-9. Had it on lvl 5-6 and 5-7, but when i powered up and started to kill them everytime, issue on thiese lvls was gone.
                As it was told earlier, if it load, you usualy loose, if it doesnt means 100% win.
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