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New bugs in new skils:

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  • New bugs in new skils:

    U can see 2 bugs here:

    1. My bug (Tormentor) with skill Abyssal Gaze. It a skil from Valkirie, should take all agro on me, but it does not efect heroes that dont use rage, or if they have full rage, they do their rage atack.

    2. Jasono's bug with skill "Thunderclap" aka Counterstrike. After LE gets hit by "Thunderclap" aka Counterstrike, she in stead of using her rage, giving buf, and she had full rage, for 2 turns actualy atack my team.

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    If it cant, its not my fault, but bugs are there.


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      top main using blazing arrow under the influence of deception.
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