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    When DST started for most of the countries, the server also adjusted to make room for it. I can understand that, but if I recall correctly, DST has ended and times have reverted back to normal for everyone. Shouldn't the server time be re-adjusted too? I'm from a country that doesn't use DST and I find it quite inconvenient (e.g. the first TA happens here at 12:30 AM now instead of the past 11:30 PM), but I bear with it since I know it's only temporary. Please readjust the time in our server.

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    You do realize daylight savings time changes occur twice a year, there isnt a date when it just ends and everything goes back to normal. The last time changes were made to the game time was the end of daylight savings for the year of 2014. The next time the clocks change (at least for those that follow the same schedule as the US) will be the beginning of March.


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      Next changes will be on 8 march 2015.


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        Originally posted by Norman818181 View Post
        Next changes will be on 8 march 2015.
        For US, Europe will change time back last Sunday of March. So no DST haven't ended yet and no time change for servers too.
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