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other bug pls make something

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  • Madalyn1607
    started a topic other bug pls make something

    other bug pls make something

    i'm on 1st place yesterday to HOC and i collect my cards point (basic prize 150 card pts+adv prize 600 cards pts )
    after i use 110 cards is this
    + i don't get card's point in hot event at 5000 pts in hoc =100 cards pts+jack of spades and to 10000pts in hoc 200 cards pts + queen of hearts and queen of spades

    i guess after i use 30 cards lotto voucher i don't get 400 cards pts + king of spades and king of hearts i have already 18500 pts in hoc

    Madalyn1607 - s113 Fae summit

  • Gurothos
    Those rewards are CARD POINTS used to swap cards.
    Those points DO NOT get added into the House of Cards Ranking.
    The cards you get from Master of Poker are placed on your " Card swap " tab.
    I hope I made it clear to you and your problems are solved.

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