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HOC draw attempts

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  • HOC draw attempts

    I clicked use all on my card vouchers in the current HOC event.
    Any idea if they will be saved for the next HOC or will all my attempts be lost when HOC ends?


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    They won't be saved.
    Use your HoC vouchers before the event ends.

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      ok thx , next tiume be more carefull, lets go spend my 1300 how attempts.

      would be usefull if if it was possibel to selct an amount to use like angel tears for angel upgradas .
      its a little annyoing you have to click to use em 1by1 .



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        they should redefine lots/stacks fer many items. like darics and aureus should have max capacity cus we dont use them directly from inventory. gem moves / hoc vouchers / lotto vouchers / shell cards and likes should have smaller lots cus they are used thru inventory, and are used in small numbers. a lot/stack of 99 would be good.
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