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Tired of WB

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  • Tired of WB

    Now 5 times in WB I get the message that the wb event has ended and it shows all 3 bosses dead,
    when in fact there is only 2 of them dead. All I can do is click ok and port out, I can get back in but then
    I missed one or 2 hits, and if I am in top 4 I end up in 8 or something, since we all are pretty strong and
    it only takes 2 hits each to kill one. Last night I got a data base error, so could not hit, then I got cd, so I went from 2nd place to 4 since I missed a hit.
    Is there anyway to fix this????

    Jackie in S172

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    Like I said on my previous post => It happens when player is on auto-afk mode.
    Will report it and see what it can be done.
    As for " bosses " being dead, yes it can happen and all you need to do is get back in ( it can make you lose 1 hit, in case you don't revive ) but it's troublesome yes.

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