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  • Aegis Skill List?

    Does anyone have a complete list of all Aegis skills, their percentages (e.g. "20% chance of such-and-such"), the name of the specific skill used in battle (e.g. Path of Thorns, Rose Whisper, etc.), and other details? I have been looking for a complete list all over the Internet and here on this forum and have yet to find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ^_^

    Server: Xerxes(700)-HKT

    P.S. If you also know the max point enhancements possible of any of the skills (e.g., max Angel ATK enhancement possible, max Angel Agility enhancement possible, etc.), it would really help me to know that as well. Thank you!

    (You would think that R2 would have such a list posted somewhere, but I suppose that would make too much sense. LOL )

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    your complaining about R2 not listing something and yet you dont play on r2? maybe check and complain about your own platform. you could also look at the angels interface in game and get the names of all the skills and max details of the skills and look at the aegis tab and get the name of the aegis skills. Percentages may take the help of others since they change with level as well as angel stats, but you could probably get a list started yourself (if its information you want) and get others to post on your list with any other information they have.
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      As stated most of the information you can see yourself if you go to your angel or aegis menu.

      For aegis %'s they go up 5% a lvl up to lvl 5 after lvl 5 they go up by 3%. Dont know for how many levels but considering how many aegis shards it takes to lvl up 1 single aegis from lvl 6 on I cant see many people getting past lvl 7 for a long while.

      As far as max bonus from aegis enhancements, ive got all lvl 5+ and quite a few lvl 6+ and havent reached a max yet, so I dont think that will be likely to happen.


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        Originally posted by R248820365
        he dont complain about anything, he just ask for some help dude. where is the problem? or did i missed something in his post?
        sorry, guess not really a complaint. just irritates me with the smartass last comment, especially from someone who lists a server not even in r2.


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          Thanks everyone for your help! I still need to know the names of the specific skills used in battle (e.g., Rose Whisper, etc.) Thanks, R23121670, your info helps a lot. It is heck just getting aegis past level 4, I can't imagine getting past level 7.

          P.S. gemmi I play on several different servers. There is no need to be so hostile, no one was complaining or being a smart alec.