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Celestial Hunter Soul BUG

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  • Celestial Hunter Soul BUG

    I don't know what is this.. but I think it's a bug.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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    Upgrade Lycorax yo Azul Wolf.. really?

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    its not a bug.... thats was it requirement to evolve floe hunter to celestial hunter... u need to have azul wolf first before u can evolve floe hunter....


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      I was going to report the same thing. i swapped some emeralds for iron cockatrice and got this.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	LoA Bad Evolution.JPG
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ID:	1706796

      It kept telling me requirement not met when I tried to evolve. I initially thought it a cut and paste programming glitch. I don't mind so much, but I would somehow like to get my emeralds back. Cause you know, it is a bit misleading.

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        That's not a bug.. you need to have Majestic Steed to be able to get Iron Cockatrice...
        If you have Majestic Steed.. yes, that's a bug


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          yep description is clear than many things in here .. so u can't complain ..


          • #6
            firs u need majestick steed to upgrade coctarice guppylips


            • #7
              For first picture for OP => Lycorax needs to evolve into Azul wolf in order for Floe hunter to be evolved into Celestial Hunter.
              Second picture => Iron Cockatrice requires Majestic Steed ( Which evolves from Royal steed ) in order to evolve it from Cockatrice.

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                Yeah Guro, things are clear now, thank you very much