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omnipotence and all around talent hot events bonding with angel

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  • omnipotence and all around talent hot events bonding with angel

    in hot events "omnipotence" and "all around talent", there are "bond with angel 30/80 times" challenges.
    But those challenges does not work correctly.

    Those challenges will count "spend" angel tears even thou they were not really spend.

    how to reproduce:
    1) Lets say you have angel who will lvl up really soon and will require holy crystals during that time. I tested this on Aoede lvl 39 trying to get higher (you need holy crystals on lvl 40 on her).
    2) So I selected to bond with her 100 times (for angels party event)
    3) After I clicked bond, it bonded like 17 times only - hot event "consuming regaining" shown "spend angel tears 17/50"
    4) but those challenges in "omnipotence" and "all around talent" was already completed and I could claim them

    What I think is happening is that "omnipotence" and "all around talent" hot events actually does not count the number of how many times the angel was bonded with, it just simply takes the number of bonding attempts selected before bonding and adds them to counter in those 2 hot events no matter how many angel tears was really used.
    On the other hand, "comsuming regaining" hot event correctly counts only really spend angel tears.

    S106 Mana City
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