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stackable mounts?

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  • stackable mounts?

    I have celestial hunter mount///it says I can stack mounts...can this be done with the same mount? 2 of the same be stackable? thanks

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    you can only unlock a mount 1 time, stackable is the stat bonuses that unlocking each mount gives. You cant actively use more than 1 mount at a time and you cant unlock the same mount twice (unless you count an evolution as unlocking it again, to me its different)


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      thanks for the info


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        when u unlock a mount u gain its glamor(the in battle buff it giv) and stats for BR e.g. smoldering steed giv glamor for stack able att/-dam % buff ea turn and giv stats +2500 hp, +1000 att,+525 def,+325 agi. the more mounts u unlock the more stats u gain as the stats stack and also more glamors u unlock there is a higher % inc to the stats the mount provides overall. u can only use 1 glamor at a time the mount deployed/riding

        evo a mount makes the glamor better(usually) and increases the base stats that mount provides it is not a new mount but upgrading a current mount