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event problem

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  • event problem

    i have a problem on server Ninsuna(631)-GMT, League of Angels. the event that just end whit gold feather( dont remember what name have) i recharge a lot of diamonds and spend a lot of money to get some items on that event and now the event end and i cant get anithing. i was have 345 gold feather and more then 2k other feather. what can i do now after i spend a lot for that event? can some one ansuer plzz.

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    You are on the wrong forum, I'm sorry.
    We are R2 here, not GTArcade.

    It's the first hour, of the first day
    It's hard without you, I cannot lie
    You were everything, and could have been
    It's the first summer, of the first year
    Today only rain, knocks on my window
    And it reminds me, how much I loved you.

    I fail to emerge
    It's a universe, that wants me to get off
    Fear catches me, and I start calling you.

    It's the first night, when I feel cold
    Your arms can no longer warm me
    A cold soul, I cannot love.