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I cant open the tree!

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    there are many players on my server who had their lotto vouchers saved up. they have their vouchers intact, and theyre wreaking havoc on our server now
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      Unable to access Lucky Tree

      No matter how hard I try I still cannot open the lucky tree page. WHY???? Some other people on my server cant too. My server s134


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        having same problem


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          Same for me.... Shian - Dragonrend Spires(212)...
          I clear Cache, Cookies and all other Data saved in Browser. i use Chrome. Try to reload many times also restart the browser ....nothing works ...
          The Icon for the Tree-event and the Icon for First-Recharge( why i have anyway this stupid Icon, i dont first recharge is long ago - dont need it anymore )
          is without any function reaction by clicking.

          Please fix this Problem.
          Others on the same server have normal function .... it would be unfair if some can use it normally and other not.
          Anyway...i see another problem with the Hot event for the nectar exchange.... i have enough Lotto Vouchers but it tell me
          have a insufficients of Lotto Vouchers.

          Greetings from Dragonrend Spires


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            The Lucky Tree problem is due to the player's Game version which can be seen by right clicking anywhere on the screen.
            The current game version is 3.0349, anyone lower than this can't access the Tree event, and it was reported.
            Please have patience while the devs will fix it.

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              Lucky tree bugged

              i cant able to access lucky tree in s183
              600 devotion reward cant able to collect
              IGN : ThunderBolt
              server : s183


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                143 ogre's chanty
                can't open too
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                  Same for me

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