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Inherit issue

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  • Inherit issue

    hi guys, today I made and inherit from a hero called shadowraith lvl 47 and after I fired him. I did inherit from him (shadowraith) to Atlanta which is lvl 58. on the moment I didn't realize but I lost on Atlanta 16 lvl's of element of fire by doing the inherit. is that normal to happen? have I done something wrong? I did talked to GMVETlempo and he said to post it here and a print screen. but is to late to make a print screen now. please I could really use some help.

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    Elemental damage gets swapped between the two heroes when you inherit.


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      When you do inheret it will swap element between the two heros. everything else (to my memory) switches over to highest to new hero, but element doesnt, it swaps them. Sucks


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        thx for answers guys. I noticed that little message to late. so much waste(
        it makes no sense, inherit means that u gain something not lose something that u have but inheriting.
        anyway what can I do, start over(