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How to refine gear to 7 or more stars?

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  • How to refine gear to 7 or more stars?

    I'm playing the game for a while but I never understood the refining thing.
    Saw someone with 13 stars and I barely have 6 on some gear. Can someone explain me how it works?

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    lock. whenever you get blinking stat bonus, lock it. but fer this method, you need to save A LOT of refining stones
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      and note what bonuses u get .. for you lets say being a warrior the matck 16 stars wont help you much .. but its okay untill u manage to get all others higher and then just reworkit for something else .. sometimes 20k efineing stones are .. not enough and sometimes 1k is. ... its random .. its insane but makes your day when u getit done .. patience would be the word to describe refine section from forge .. i suggest they renameit to refine with patience


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        Lock those that are >= 7 (or what level you want to reach) then start to refine. If one gets more than 7 (or level you want) then lock that too. (you can lock only 4 attributes at the same time).
        I have all my gears 15 and more stars, i'm on the way to upgrade all of them to max. (my helmet is 20-19-20-20-20 now).


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          Note: the stars on gears is calculated from the lowest star level of a certain stats

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            AE86 please tell me if ill add/socket a lvl 9 or 10 matk (iam paladin) to my sword and a lvl 2 dodge will i mostly get high dodge star and unlikely matk star ? thanks


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              my gear is no lower than 13 stars..why? Luck and using stones as locks so its easier than you think
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