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Tarot Cards Bug

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  • Androm3da
    started a topic Tarot Cards Bug

    Tarot Cards Bug

    Probably someone called me a noob... I do not post, but write... bug is an bug...

    Today I noticed that after the passage of the next level of bad calculates awards. For the first level should be 100.000 gold, and the game will add 1.000.000 gold.

    It is simply one 0 too many.

    1lvl - for the transition should be 100k, and the game adds 1kk
    2lvl - for the transition should be 200k, and the game adds 2kk
    3lvl - for the transition should be 300k, and the game adds 3kk
    4lvl - for the transition should be 400k, and the game adds 4kk

    Anyway, 3x attempts should be 3kk gold (100k+200k+300k+400k)x3... and unfortunately it is 30kk gold (1kk+2kk+3kk+4kk)x3...

    For the detection and characterization of it bug please give me 10k prize of diamonds, thank you :P and please do not take gold all players, only please just fix it.

  • qingyunjian
    Tested, working fine.

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  • ShiraBrie
    Not sure what you are talking abt.

    Let's say it does add an 'extra' zero -which it doesn't- how are you figuring its an extra one?

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  • AntifreezeUnder0
    Well done attempts everything were fine, so i dont know what kind of thing you were having.

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