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S238 Twilight Clash Bug

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  • S238 Twilight Clash Bug

    Yo, im "Floki" from server S238 Sleepywood Moor. 27.1.2015 We had first Twilight Clash and in the Final match we encountered a big bug. There was still 6 flags to be captured in the middle but no-one could claim the flag. Game was in tight situation (10-9) and we didnt have the chance to end the match properly. I must say that whole TC was pure chaos; guys attacking from nowhere, cant claim a flag and sometimes you cant even drop the flag. Its possible that this error that made whole match unplayabe, was caused when one player had to refresh cos s/he couldnt drop the flag in base. However, somekind of compensation for both teams (Independent, Vikings) would serve justice. Overall TC needs fixin and I hope something will be done cos this kind of errors will cause people to leave the game. I added two screenshots from TCs final aftermatch where it can be seen that the game ended 10-9 and killcounts are massive cos people had nothing else to do than kill enemies for half an hour. No-one realized to take screenshot while in the game. We were too busy trying to fix or win the game, but it was a mess. I decided to sent this report after talking with VetDaiTyas about this harmful issue.
    Click image for larger version

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    The attack from nowhere it's a bug on every player's END.
    The player himself see's as he moves, he can be in base delivering the flag, but on the other's screen he is somewhere " running while staying " so he can get attacked and losing the flag ( or if he wins and was in base delivering the flag, leaving and re-entering solves it, and the flag will appear again.
    For the flag not being able to capture, I don't remember well what the problem was, but I suppose a player getting the flag and leaving, can't be sure.
    The entire TC is bugged, but screen-shots/words can't help.
    We need a video to show that you are in a place, nobody around, and you get attacked all of a sudden, or that you are in base delivering flag, and then attacked and flag lost/bugged.

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      Tell me about it.


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        replace the TC with gauntlet. problem solved :P
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          So if i will take video at next TC and i will put here? bug's will be fixed? if really u will fix it i will take video)
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            This TC bug has been going since the game started, attacked by invisible ppl, not being able to get flags or drop them. It is ridiculous really after 230+ servers I wouls have thought that they would have sorted it by now. This was part of the reason I left the game from s34. Thought it would be better now but I am starting to wonder ........