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Ta and Gauntlet ComP where is it???

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  • Ta and Gauntlet ComP where is it???

    The comp we got at r2games (S118) Evil's Bane is a joke it says for gauntlet and ta too and only lvl 70 can get it and those under lvl 70 got the shaft again! I have a game on gtarcade and they got the comp we got for Divine Realm and then another comp for ta and gauntlet and totally different they really blew us to the wind here at r2games at gtarcade they got 500 Dragon Crest 300 Vouchers and 4 million gold for ta and gauntlet mess ups.

    Then they got another comp for Diivine Realm of 300 Vouchers 1.5 million Gold and 30 Divine Tokens this is what we were sent for TA and Gauntlet why did we get the Divine Realm Comp as ta and Gauntlet and then to find it was the Divine Realm Comp we got and we are owed a comp yet for the ta and gauntlet wth is going on here with the developers???? This is not fair to those under level 70 I hope you fix this and make things right!