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Dumpling and Spring Roll point doesn't count.

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  • Dumpling and Spring Roll point doesn't count.

    IGN: Konjiki
    server: S236 Silverwood

    Been collecting dumpling and spring roll but my point still stated '74' while I already collected almost 1500 point from dumpling and spring roll.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dd1.PNG
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ID:	1766441Click image for larger version

Name:	dd2.PNG
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Size:	289.7 KB
ID:	1766442

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    bump bump bump bump


    • #3
      なに??? how did u get so many spring rolls so fast? D: I'm struggling with only 7. and yeah this is definitely a bug... send it to the "boss"


      • #4
        great again event with bugs and R2 staff go on holliday
        why u need a holliday its not like u guys did some last year or u all tyred of counting the money


        • #5
          I lost probably 1k-1.5k point today due to this delayed event. No mod/dev answer my ticket and this post...


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            bump bump bump bump


            • #7
              Your issue was noted, but like everyone knows, devs are on holiday and can't fix anything ( unless it's urgent ) for the next 2 weeks.
              All issues are being handled by me and will report once they are back.
              Thank you for the understanding.

              It's the first hour, of the first day
              It's hard without you, I cannot lie
              You were everything, and could have been
              It's the first summer, of the first year
              Today only rain, knocks on my window
              And it reminds me, how much I loved you.

              I fail to emerge
              It's a universe, that wants me to get off
              Fear catches me, and I start calling you.

              It's the first night, when I feel cold
              Your arms can no longer warm me
              A cold soul, I cannot love.


              • #8
                I hope they are paying you triple pay Gurothos....maybe they shouldn't start a bunch of new stuff right before a two-week holiday either....sigh.

                IGN: MizUndrstd
                Server: s4
                Guild: HelloKitty