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23/2 Bug report for S120 Dawn's Regeant

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  • 23/2 Bug report for S120 Dawn's Regeant

    Instead of everyone deciding to post with regards to the bugs, I shall do one on behalf of my whole server. Arena, Raiders, Totems, CoM, anything that required any form of battles, were bugged and we were unable to clear them. This happened approximately after 0010hrs +8GMT on the 23 of February as some of us were able to clear a few attempts in arena before that but the message "Log Failed. Please refresh browser" appeared soon after.

    I sincerely apologise should there be any form of duplicate thread but this is a really disappointing issue as Tycoon is currently on as well. Some of us really worked hard to aim to win in Tycoon.

    I understand the effort and we of S120 will do our part and deliver some patience until the issues are resolved and hope that we, in due, will receive some sort of compensation.

    Clouderik(S120 Dawn's Regeant, Fairy Tail Guild Leader)

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    East and some oceanic servers have that problem, and we are aware of it.
    We hope that it will be solved soon.
    Please have patience.
    Thank you.

    It's the first hour, of the first day
    It's hard without you, I cannot lie
    You were everything, and could have been
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      Will follow this one...

      We have the same problems on UA5 the old S23
      And yes its a oceanic servers, thats why in follow this thread...
      - - - - - -
      Player: Whisky
      Guild: Angelic
      Server: UA5 or S23 Eclipse Tavern


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        It has been quite some time since we've reported the bugs, and to date it is still not fixed. If I may, so kindly, ask for an update? And also, if it is possible I would like to have a private talk with any moderator with regards to an issue in the game that my guild has be REALLY working hard for but will be tarnished by this bug.


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          Originally posted by Gurothos View Post
          East and some oceanic servers have that problem, and we are aware of it.
          We hope that it will be solved soon.
          Please have patience.
          Thank you.
          Dont forget that the EU servers ALSO has the same fricking problem... IE ALL SERVERS ARE AFFECTED


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            I'm glad that the problems have been resolved, and I thank you guys.
            But no form of compensation whatsoever?
            With Divine Realm where we were competing against players from other servers, and not all servers were affected by this bug, it's a little unfair, no?


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              Can I at least ask for some sort of follow-up? If no compensation is to be given, I believe we all deserve to know, rather than hoping to expect.