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  • Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

    #1. For past 3 days Divine Realm says that,
    (a) my alliance (HelloKitty) does not exist
    (b) does not allow me to post in Alliance Chat
    (c) does not allow me to participate in Demonic War
    (d) Wyrm Race: intermittently allows me to create a room but does not allow me to refresh my wyrm
    (e) Clash of Might: intermittently gives out "Database Error" and even when it does, my ranking remains unchanged when victorious

    #2. I am having problems maintaining (deleting) game friends

    #3. I have not checked yet** but I was unable to renew VIP Status via MOL; R2 keeps saying that my email was unactivated, so the renew VIP screen (server dropbox) does not show LoA.

    C'mon R2 !!

    **ticket submitted
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  • #2
    I can attest to Timo is in my alliance. He is on S197 Firefox server.

    Can a forum mod please update what the status is with this DR alliance stuff?
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    IGN: MizUndrstd
    Server: s4
    Guild: HelloKitty