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For 3+ days have been unable to do half of game due to bugs w/ little communication

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  • For 3+ days have been unable to do half of game due to bugs w/ little communication

    So 3 days have gone by without being able to open character etc. and as a result, unable to view or use any of inventory. Also, unable to do Team Arena for these days or World Boss. Gauntlet, which is very important to our guild, no can't do that either.

    The Task is totally blank not to mention what I've said above, inventory - Most of us have been unable to get devotion so we are screwed for events. I can barely make 500, think 485 was my highest. Our br as gone poof - was almost 3.2 mil br now down to 2.8.

    As someone who has VIP9, has been with the game for quite a while, spending hard earned money on this game - Is there anything remotely like customer service for this company/s? I have yet to see it, in fact have not seen it for quite some time. Some of us used to think how wonderful this game was and how good they were to players but it seems that more is broken more often and what is guaranteed to work is what costs $cash$.

    If GT takes the time and looks at financials for this week they will see a huge drop in sales as many have vowed to not spend a dime until things get fixed. Also, some are seriously considering quitting game and cancelling memberships as a result of this weeks debacle.

    Why is it that no one from management has made any announcement - communicating is always key and yet we have nothing. I realize this has not affected all servers but that should have nothing to do with it. I always had confidence that problems would get resolved and i am losing it now - if I pay and get nothing - I leave and seriously considering going back to a game paid same amount for but with better service to it's players.

    I know that forum mods can't actually do anything but forwarding as a complaint to customer service is fine by me. I just hope for the company and players that this gets resolved and that we are adequately compensated for opportunities missed as a result. We can't do events if we can't open inventory.

    thanks for listening and hopefully addressing

    S2 Sylvia's Copse

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    So, are we going to get any compensation at all for the 3 days we had all the problems on S2????? If not it is total B.S. and time to find a new game!


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      I have reported this and requested for compensation.
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