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  • Capsule Glitch

    Server: S1
    Name: Kruger
    Game: League Of Angels
    Game Issue: Capsule of Luck

    I was trying to play the Capsule of Luck new game. I tried to use my free turns on the game buck it never showed any used. So I tried over and over and nothing happened. I stopped and got ready to play another part of the game. At the time I was about to play another part it showed that I was playing. I thought this was odd but just waited. It continued to show I was playing and wasn't touching anything. I then looked and it had not only played, but used up my 300 diamonds I had on my game. As you know they are hard to come by and cost a lot to get. As you may understand I am very unhappy about my diamonds being used with out my doing so. I would like my 300 diamonds back. I am very unhappy about this glitch with the game. I would be really happy to have my diamonds back, I never OK the use or spending of them. I never even had a window pop up to ask if I wanted to use them. As I have said it didn't work at all then it just started using my free turns, and all of my diamonds on it's own. I would really like you to contact me about this issue, and like even more to get my 300 diamonds back. Thank you for you time.

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    Attencion ppl.Use the Lucky Capsules only AFTER turn free cos if u use before u lose Lucky Capsules turns.


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      now why didn't they fix that..... -_- income?