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little helper issues on [S177] Pearly Highlands

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  • little helper issues on [S177] Pearly Highlands

    So here's the deal, There has been some bizarre server lag the past 2-3 days, the server doesn't register what you do until you reset the page. If you open Little Helper
    and set it to collect the rewards from Tarot, it collects the rewards, but doesn't prompt you the next time you go to collect them. At first I was doing it over and over to try
    and get the reward, because the lag is annoying me, but then when I checked my inventory, I had 12 level 5 gem chests. Please can this get fixed, this is a massively horrific glitch.

    'Edit: Not to mention the Gold that accompanies it. This is highly abusable'


    I'm not going to open them, if anything I'd want them gone, I feel sick knowing how I got them.

    I hope this gets fixed, and I hope our server can get its lag sorted out.

    - Wuff [177]
    Last edited by CafeAuLait; 03-28-2015, 09:58 PM.

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    Thanks for the information. I will report it
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      Thank you, what do I do with the chests, since there's no delete/destroy function, I just don't feel right opening them.


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        like the guy that previously responded just open the chest and use it. what is done is done. i highly doubt the devs will take it away from you. Enjoy and have fun
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          you deleted my post rubedo


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            Sorry dayandnight your post had parts that violated the TOS. I had to delete the entire post. No offense to you and have fun gaming.
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              What part about it was going against the ToS, if you don't mind my asking, it seemed like a normal reply to me


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                He edited the message afterwards and mentioned something that he shouldn't have said that violated the TOS. That is all I can say. But for you Woof Its been reported and hopefully improvements are made on s177.
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                  Woohoo Thanks a bunch!