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Another Can`t Collect Diamond Bonus After I recharge

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  • Another Can`t Collect Diamond Bonus After I recharge

    GM what`s happening to me ?
    i recharge again today worth of $19.99 and i receive 2,000 diamond
    and i check first recharge icon in-game and look for Diamond bonus that i can collect but still i can`t collect the diamond bonus
    this is not a joke so please fixed it as soon as possible
    and yet my last issue still not solved so please i beg you fixed it fast i play the game for enjoyment and happiness
    not for disappointment Please Please fixed it because i hoping that i can use my diamond in lucky tree before lucky tree event reach the due time expire..
    These is the second time happened to me and the first time still didn`t fixed until now please take an action please.. and by the way if you had question why i have
    4,000 diamonds in screen shot because i already collect the reward in hot events worth of 2,000 diamonds
    Ticket no.304173
    Server:S248 Brightcastle

    Click image for larger version

Name:	aw1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	377.2 KB
ID:	1768391Click image for larger version

Name:	aw2.png
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Size:	20.2 KB
ID:	1768392

  • #2
    On the first recharge icon you only collect from there on your "first recharge" after that any other recharge you make you wont be able to collect. That is why its called"first" recharge.
    Repeated recharges wont make it first anymore.
    to file a ticket


    • #3
      that`s is my problem way back to my first issue .. in my first recharge worth of 9.99 US then i can`t collect the diamond bonus.. and until now it is under process in my ticket
      then i recharge again just today worth of 19.99 US then same things happen so what is that means?
      you get my point? because in my "first recharge" its already problem why i can`t collect the diamond bonus
      and just look at my screen shot if i already collect the diamond bonus in my first recharge 9.99 = 1000 Diamonds
      it should be says that "Collected" right.. so but it is still appear there "Collect" only?
      and you know how many days i`ve been waiting for my diamond bonus? its almost a week already.. and still nothing happen
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      • #4
        what was your ticket number for your"first recharge issue". I will forward it
        to file a ticket


        • #5
          This is my ticket no. in my first issue 299895


          • #6
            I've forwarded your issue.

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            • #7
              ahh thanks so whats happen now ? when it would be fixed?


              • #8
                no exact time please stay patient.
                to file a ticket


                • #9
                  damn! in ticket said that monday or thursday only they give, but its already thursday and i still receive nothing


                  • #10
                    if they are following est time then it's still Wednesday or wait 8 more hours to check and if you don't receive it by then ill forward your ticket.
                    to file a ticket


                    • #11
                      ok i will wait 8hours i hope so they will do what day said ..