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    dear GM yesterday 03/31 day , I put my fire totem in lv 10 , today began a totem event that anger the day 04/01 to 04/02 , however in my game , the event this Unavailable. I wonder how or if I have the right to pick up the items that I have put my totem at lv 10. I thank you . my server and the 162 and my character flame Andrea ...... await contact.

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    Sounds like you used Google Translate very badly, and I'm not sure what ''totem event'' is, but maybe you mean daily points for Beach Treasure? If so, show a screenshot of your Hot Events to show it isn't there, and a mod will report.

    EDIT: Actually it can't be that, it's on your server....nope, really no idea now. Is it that you can't collect rewards from it?
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      Not sure what you are referring to, could post screenshots ?
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        look my screen...


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          That's a Dragon Pals issue/problem/game.
          Please go there and post it.

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