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    hello sorry for the post here but i cant take anser at my tickets for a long time i didnt see any anser at my mail... problem now is ,after of maintnance today i lost a 7lvl crit+hit gem from my santa(i have 2 of them before this and now one)
    dont know what else but i remember this...cause i socket this gem today morning...
    thanks for your time and sorry for my english...

    ps..i thing you know about the bug at cs wyrm

    s177, annu
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    Can't help you. This is Stormthrone-section. We only have 4 servers. I don't even know what game you're talking about. Please post your question in the right forum if you want help with this.
    IGN: Stormthrone : Felina (S2), now LeaFin (S2)