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hecate's sword

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  • hecate's sword

    is there a damage bug on hecate's sword? i uped it to 85 same as my vidar blade and my BR goes down? and damage is lower

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    Is your vidar blade enchanted? Is your hecate's sword socketed with the same gems?

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      yup, it happen if your refines, enchantings and enhance is lower than weapon you use before, also check are you opened all sockets
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        yes i am one lvl behind in enchant on hecate's but the difference should only be 1500 damage but its more then that i tried to use it on my earthshaker. the bonuses i am supposed to get from hecate's should negate or nearly negate the 1500 damage that is lost due to 1 lvl less enchant

        +305 from refine
        +700 from base att
        +1024 from rune attributes

        Click image for larger version

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