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totem alter bug

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  • totem alter bug

    hey guys
    in totem alter when i do sacrifice i got some totems what annoying me when i was in totem guardian level 5 i was take level 3 exp totem now after i pass totem guardian level 5 and level 6 i got level 2 exp totem , i think that is Illogical at all , now i ask myself why i pass that wave better for me to not pass totem guardian level 6 to get better exp totems every day .
    thank u for reading hope that fixed soon
    every one shear me that feels replay plz

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    hmm unless you beat the entirety of lvl 6, just use your sacrifice points before beating all lvl 5 totems. That way you still get your lvl 3 exp totems.


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      i pass lvl 6 i am in lvl 7 now