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    Hi there, so far unbreakable bond is working fine.

    However, you can upgrade triangles with CRESTS, not only shards, and the crest gives equal amount of exp as one shard. So one fortuna crest gives as much exp as one fortuna shard (and you need 500 shards to synth one crest). Please change the amount of exp crests give, and / or disallow them to be synthed and / or give a major popup whenever you are trying to synth away a crest.


    edit: found a bug (mistake), do not yet know if it is visual or real: Aphrodite upon lighting gives 80006 hp, instead of as it should be, 8000 (on par with raphael etc)

    edit2: thanks for fixing with the latest update
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    Also a bug where character specific buff gives 3 times more to PATk than MATk


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      Just pointing something illogical in using shards and icons to upgrade bonds. Icons seem to be valued less then some shards as my Vienna icon was not able to fill exp. bar from lvl 1 to lvl 2... Sure she was given for 100 dia spent, but the icon should be worth more then, say, 80 Amora shards which got me 13 lvls.
      Click image for larger version

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      EDIT: So as Tauriel said it's actually worth 1 shard...
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