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Divine war wont work S256

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  • Divine war wont work S256

    On S256 Philosopher's Way we cannot sign up for divine war. When we click sign up it just gives us a message Divine War is locked. Here is a screenshot of it I am third in Level 4th in battle rating and 5th in clash of might so should be able to signup as well as over level 50 and 300k battle rating however the top player in battle rating and clash of might also gets the same error. Here is a screenshot of the message. Thanks for the quick action


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    Divine war is not available on your server as its barely a month old since the server launched.
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      that is unfair whereas the server meets the level and battle rating requirements and is in the rotating events like house of cards and angel quiz. stupid r2games ripoff


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        So why are the "requirements" there if they are not the actual requirements? Is it the DEVS or R2 that is stopping the server from participating?


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          Requirements are decided by GTA Devs. All events are decided by them not R2
          to file a ticket