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Curious if server merges would cut lag and other errors

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  • Curious if server merges would cut lag and other errors

    So I imagine there are lots of servers that are dead, like mine, where only a handful of people are still playing.

    We have a bunch of issues and from what I can tell other people do to on their own servers.

    We would welcome a server merge, server 241.

    Would that cut the problems down and make it easier to manage or make it worse?

    Just curious. Don't really know how it works.

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    Well devs have their methods to see if server needs merge or not.I suggest to check Arena , and each group rankings. Each player who has over 1k is active and may provide enough activity to consider server not as dead as it seems.Best would be to check in domination days. So you can see how many overall active been in past 4 days . I though my server was inactive too, but then it turned out we had 65 different characters playing atleast in 4 days
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      when they make more profit than server cost u get no merge