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    Originally posted by MagicTofGod View Post
    Deal with it? message to with us not buying diamonds if not going to give back the agility that we worked so hard to, are you kidding me? What about today's Tycoon start, dealing with no omnipotence, Hot Event rewards, and yet you are able to put out Buy, buy, buy Hot Events....sheesh. Come on compensation for stuff you should be compensating us for.
    Please be a little less greedy and have a little more common sense if you want us to stick around and Buy buy buy. *sigh* I may have to find a new game soon...sheesh.
    lmao, I was thinking the same thing. With that kind of attitude they're only biting the hand that feeds them. They have to remember that they work for us. Without us spending money they don't have a job, so remember to be careful with what you answer and how reckless you are with your job.