Hello, after more than 2 years i play on Wartune on more accounts and in last months League of Angels in this website both, now i want to leave the games for the following problems; i just write this thread for inform the support (if there is a support...lol) about these problems.

In league of angels:

1) Recharge for my country NEVER works, since months, i'm not joking, i tried with credit card, mobile phone number or surveys/offers;
2) its 4 days cross server battles don't work
3) tarot cards not work good since last patch: i must click 3 times 1 card to see it.
4)its very difficult find players for team dungeons / inferno /team arena, for little quantity of players in my server.
5) new little helper first 2 days after new patch didn't work and loop quests using little helper neither ( i am level 70 and it says i need wait 60 seconds cd every blizt,
which for lev 70 is free cd). Clothes event on sale (for diamonds and vouchers) there is very rare, this is a problem only for me but not a bug so its ok.
In Wartune online for free players take around 10 hours every day to play for the numbers of mp dungeons which increase every patch lol, but thats not a problem; i had on it 3 accounts (mage, archer, knight) with all decent high br but i gave them up since:

1) when i called the support many times for bann a player which insulted me a lot times (i sent screenshots of his chat too, mounths ago) support never answered for bann him.
2) i asked many times for apply to become a Mentor, in the apposite thread (i did the same in LOA and didn't get answers there neither), and after many months nobody answered me, which is weird because on my accounts where i played Wartune i did a lot of recharges and i had high battle rating and all level 80 on my characters in - game and i gived all my info for apply to Mentor.
The recharge never works in LoA and no answers after months for Mentor applications (no positive and no negative answer neither) are the main motives which make me leave.
I hope other players have no these problems....sorry if after 2 years of patience i gave up for these motives on both games.
Last thing, i write the thread with this account because with others i have says i "can't create new threads" (yes, its ridicolous) or i'm not "logged in" where i did login already, but if you want i give to you Support Team all my informations of my all accounts i used for play Wartune and i was using since yesterday to play LoA, so you can check them if need. Good luck with fixing bugs and expecially add more mp dungeons to Wartune so they take 24 hours every day lol.

Thanks for all the "fun" and your "support", goodbye