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Lvl 37 Glitch

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  • Lvl 37 Glitch

    Hello, my username is Robyn, I play on S278 Eldritch Downs in the guild GlorySeekers and I have not been able to level up to 37. my exp bar was almost full then I went and played gemmology while letting little helper level me up and after that I was socketing while in gemmology. I exit forge and gemmology and find that my exp bar is but at 0 and Astral is flashing like it does when I level up, but my level indicator has not changed from 36, I cannot click on 37 in astral and I cannot do the lvl 37 quest from King Nori. please fix this problem because I do not want to spend another 6 hours going back and levelling my character to 37 again. thank you

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    That happens, when you hit level with Little Helper's help. All you need to do is refresh your game, and you will see everything normal, correct level etc.


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      thanks but I have another glitch to report now. I came on this after noon and saw my auto pathing exp was up to about 47568 and had 5 hours and around 28 mins left. I accidentally stopped auto pathing when I went into the Gemini zodiac and the game said I had earned 47568 exp but my xp bar had not changed at all. I should have gone up to level 38 (I was over half full xp bar) and I haven't. has this error occurred to others and does it have an easy fix like refreshing or re-logging in?

      I just did a little more auto-pathing for about half hour to an hour and got up to 516 xp earned. I click a random location and it stops auto pathing saying I earned 516 xp. I checked my xp bar before an after stopping the auto-pathing and it did not change from 30447. I think there might be something wrong with whatever system/program handles the auto-pathing. please fix this problem, I don't want to spend 4-6 hours each day going up one level to do the next quest.
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