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craft master superhuman shards disappeared

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  • craft master superhuman shards disappeared

    hello everyone, 2 days ago in craft master event there was superhuman shards, now i have the stones to synth it but it disappeared to craft master, and tehre is only servant-s outfit shards. is this a bug? please fix it if you can, i have many stones to synth superhuman costume, but obviusly need shards, and from craft master they disappeared. i need to synth it before event or the rare phylosopers stones disappear once it ends. thanks in advance.
    also cross server clash of might no works for many people in my server, after the last maintenance.

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    You would need to file a ticket on this because I can't recall what shards was in craft master few days ago. It would help greatly if you can provide a few screenshots in your ticket.

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      Craft master SuperHuman shards were removed by the devs due to a Copyright issue from Marvel/DC Comics.
      No info wether it will come back or not.

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