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[Bug]: Some text is under the image - Promo feature arena

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  • [Bug]: Some text is under the image - Promo feature arena

    Description: When i kill the Boss Jetli on the "Iron Fortress" instance, i recover an item to be an orcish language and i speak with "Goro" NPC. Here there are some dialogue, and the game appear a new window where inform me about new event called as "Arena" divided to 2 step.
    On the 2° step, there is a part of the text is truncated because the image of the female warrior is above this text (Screenshot 1)

    Step by Step:
    1)I log into my account
    2)I wait which my character is loading
    3)I enter into the "Iron Fortress" dungeon for kill this boss called as "Jetli"
    4)I take an strange item with orcish language and i go to speak with "Goro" NPC
    5)After a small dialogue of this NPC, a new window where inform be about of new event called as "Arena"
    6)The info was divided into 2 steps. The second step have a part of the text is under the image of the female warrior, and i don't see the right text (Screenshot 1)

    Server: s280
    Platform: R2games
    Nickname: etms51
    Browser: Google Chrome 46.0.2490.80 m
    Flash player version: WIN 19,0,0,226
    OS:Windows 8.1 Pro
    Size Monitor:1366x768
    Monitor: AMD Radeon HD 7670
    Version Game: v.3.0471

    Image 1 =>
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Arena_Step2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	301.5 KB
ID:	1778158

    I hope which this small issue will be fixed

  • #2
    I'll report it, however it's been there since game released, no hopes if it will get " adjusted ".

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