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Demonic war

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  • Demonic war

    For real? when You are going to stop bulls1t us with replyies like:stay patient,it will be fixed soon, reported,can give me please a screenshot,etc etc? For real,over 2 years of play and this game U call it full-release?even a low beta game can teach Your devs how things should be done. Don't ask why ,some day,all peaople(99%) will stop recharge /play. Then You will ask Yourself: what happend to my business?(bec ,at least I am , aware that this,like any other on-line game is a business). Maybe You will pulll your heads up from the ton's of money U get so far and start doing things like pro's

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    What is this post? Well, notthing, Demonic war works sweet, I am glad that I see after 2 min after I approach the boss messages like : Demonic war not open, Log failed, please refresh Your browser, NO such PK opponent, Demonic war is over.


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      we can post here as long we will. they wont fix / solve the problem
      Character : Airtight
      Server : S184 (Poisonous Abyss)


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        Look asgard chat and You will see how your clients-players-cashiers are happy with Your game play/events/etc.


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          Alexandru, demonic war was reported more times than you have posts on forum ( it's truth ) and nothing was done yet.
          We keep hoping that it just takes " time " for devs to fix it, but, not really.
          I'll keep reporting it seeing even my ally gets it and is impossible to do it.
          Worst case scenarion will be that it won't get fixed ( nothing to blame R2 about, R2 is a publisher, GTA is the source ), and we will just need to deal with it.
          It's a problem that bugs each player, each mod, gm, or whoever else plays the game, and believe me, none of us like it, but we can't do anything if devs don't want or can't fix it.
          I lost count as many times as I reported the bug myself, to not say about my mates who did the same, and still nothing.
          I'm sorry about this, hope something could/would be done, it's one ( if not the most ) important bug in game that needs to be fixed, and it's there for months and it's still there,getting worse each time.

          It's the first hour, of the first day
          It's hard without you, I cannot lie
          You were everything, and could have been
          It's the first summer, of the first year
          Today only rain, knocks on my window
          And it reminds me, how much I loved you.

          I fail to emerge
          It's a universe, that wants me to get off
          Fear catches me, and I start calling you.

          It's the first night, when I feel cold
          Your arms can no longer warm me
          A cold soul, I cannot love.


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            Sorry Gurothos for the ''attitude'' in prevoius post , but I wreally lost my patience. Twiligh clash same old bug ~2 Years. Demonic start to fail -sometimes works, sometimes not(not to mention when U batle and skip's 3 to 5 mobs /demonic). I saw a case when Someone ranked no. 2 in a event with same amount of points: AE86 and Rubedo tells that who reaches first the amount of points that will be the winner. Yesterday I was ranked 1-st at dailly wheel of luck with 160 pts and after reset I saw that I was ranked 2-nd ,person above me had EXACTLLY same amount of points. So tell me dear friend? would You go nuts or?
            Have a nice day and thank You.


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              im lose ther 10000+poits for tycoon+some gold too.......nothing fixed,nothing compensation-only add dias event for tycoon points...i spend new small car in this game...without this i willleft immeddiatelly but cant have fun with this bugs+new in game-for allneed still more,more and more dias+cash.............tmorow small hoc-u can have milion normal or adv hoc attemps and cant take good hero coz need 2flashy s joker and only 1is available for points....2nd cost 15000dias +joker s sacrifice or 50000dias for 10*10mystery chests draw....this is rly players friendly game.....players with dias only....