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Glad Mini-Client is back...browser lag caused buying of Not-needed items :( 5k dias worth

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  • Glad Mini-Client is back...browser lag caused buying of Not-needed items :( 5k dias worth

    Because the mini-Client was not working i was playing in browser and wow Google Chrome Dev version has horrible lag when clicking and loading any part or resource in game.
    I am so glad mini-client is working now, no more 30 secs to 1 min+ loading events.

    My problem was i clicked on group buy and went to the bathroom while it was loading...well i think my little sister came in while i was in there and spent 4,924 diamonds buying 50 Monkey King Shards.
    It mist have been her cause she dashed out of my room when i was getting back. Either her or the lag, no idea how it happened but i ended up with 50 not-needed or wanted monkey king shards.
    From this moment i stopped doing any actions or collecting anything until this issue gets resolved so as not to be accused of profiting from any of this.
    I am not gonna do any events or actions until this matter is resolved. (which will prolly cause me to lose more than 4,924 diamonds worth of resources and event rewards)

    Please take the 50 Monkey King Shards back and return my 4,924 diamonds. Until that happens i will not even move my character or collect/complete anymore events.
    If its not possible to fix please delete my account with all diamonds on it and everything.

    This issue happened 01-06-2016 around 20:10 server time.
    Juni on S1-Nocturna's Tear

    Thank You
    Click image for larger version

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    R2 is unlikely to refund you since it was your sister who played on your toon. That would be considered a error on the player. LOA accounts cannot be deleted.
    to file a ticket


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      I said it might have been my sister no idea...anyway still have my World of Warcraft subscription .
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      LoA.......... - S1 - juni


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