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Ilegal amulet runes

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  • R276492349
    started a topic Ilegal amulet runes

    Ilegal amulet runes

    I've noticed that all players (that I know of) had their number 17 and above runes, ilegaly aquired, removed. (with no punishment)
    There's still 1 player that has 1 number 19 and 4 number 17.
    His IGN: Sapheneus
    His server: s280 wandering plains.

    Thank you.

    Click image for larger version

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  • R276492349
    Problem solved. Illegal inscriptions removed. Thank you to the support.

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  • R276492349
    Well, ciccio3 is another alt of the player XPro reported for the same subject and who's runes were removed. Didn't even tried to hide it
    The proof is here, if no one does anything it's cause they don't want.

    1st- Everyone knows by now you're Xpro, one of the reported.
    2nd- To make 1 number 10 rune you need 512 number 10.
    To make 1 number 19 rune you need 2 number 18, that is 4 number 17, 8 number 16, 16 #15, 32 #14, 64 #13, 128 #12, 256 #11, 512 number 10 runes!!!!!

    Smelting 10x 5 smelt gives you 50 runes per day. Even if all were number 10, which is higly improbale cause there are lower number runes too, it would take 11-12 days to make 1 number 19 rune (getting 50 number 10 runes a day).
    You have 4 number 19 runes, that's 44 days getting only number 10 runes.
    This event started 4th of February.
    But you think we're stupid to believe that in 30 days you have stutff that would take you 44 days to make and to believe you got 50 number 10 runes per day?
    This is my final answer, I'm not gonna lose my time with people like you.

    P.S. Your turn to make the calculation for level 17 runes.

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  • ciccio3
    u bring no proff and say its illegal... kiddo
    Last edited by Rubedo; 03-06-2016, 11:45 AM.

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